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Ms. Dee


10 years experienced English teacher with qualified teacher status (QTS) graduated in teaching from Cambridge, England.

Hello! This is my story.

I am a qualified English teacher with qualified teacher status (QTS). I graduated in teaching from Cambridge, England, UK. I have been a teacher for approximately 10 years, which includes international experience. I am a qualified examiner in English qualifications so I can tailor teaching to your exam specifications. Being an examiner has equipped me with the knowledge to be able to identify potential weak areas that we can work on together for improvement. I have taught English to students of all ages from Primary to Secondary school and also adult Education. I have taught on apprenticeship schemes for English skills. I have experience of teaching functional skills, GCSE English qualifications and A-Level English. I taught English GCSE Literature and my students all achieved excellent progress and high grades. I believe that as a student, you should be given the opportunity to advance your English skills. You should have a tailor-made plan, engaging resources, regular feedback sessions and an overall assessment to show your development and progress overall. I believe that it is important for you to feel valued and supported in your learning. I am approachable, conscientious and dedicated as a teacher. I am passionate about teaching English. I hope to be able to support you in your learner journey to advance your English.

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Qualified teacher status (QTS)

Cambridge, England, UK


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English Teacher

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