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Ishan Bhat


Talented Physics teacher who has done master’s in physics research enhancing the concepts of students.

Hello! This is my story.

I am a master’s student in physics research from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) situated in Bengaluru, India. I completed my Bachelor of Science (Research) degree from the same institute as physics major. I am currently working on magnetism and thin films from Dept. Of Physics at IISc. I always have had a decent academic results. I secured a total of 95.8% in my XII grade board examinations and CGPA of 9.6 in grade X. I received the Shankuntala Devi Award for Excellence in Scientific Temperament in my school and secured highest in Engineering Graphics in grade XII board exams. My CGPA for my B.S. was 8.9 and qualified with distinction in first class. Apart from having theoretical and computational knowledge, I have experimental knowledge of actual physics topics as well, since I work on currently exciting research topics. I have had teaching experience since my school days, as we volunteered to teach at Don Bosco school’s ANKUR group, which is a non-profit organization helping poor people who cannot afford to pursue education. I have also given personal one-to-one tutoring in physics for a grade IX student. I am also familiar with Cambridge and GCSE board syllabus as I have given guidance on math and science topics to another student. My interests also lie in science communication. Communicating science and its exciting facts to a general audience always inspires me. I had secured in the top 20 percentile in the Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2018 by Khan academy. I also volunteered at IISc Bengaluru Open Day 2019, helping and demonstrating live physics experiments for students and the general population of Bengaluru to promote scientific temperament. I was also a Co-ordinator of IISc Bangalore’s yearly fest Pravega Quadspark 2019, which was an inter-school quiz competition in which more than 200 participants. Hence, being surrounding by students, I have good communication skills with them. My approach towards teaching to students is based on enhancing a deeper interest in the student for the subject. I believe that when the hidden interesting points and applications are told to the student, an automatic drive to study and excel in the subject comes. I also try to engage with the students as much as possible, so that they remain attentive during the class. Pop questions and on spot answers are expected in my classes, which makes the student keep himself up to date on what is happening in the class. Regular practice of exam questions as well as interesting fun facts helps the student in maintaing a direct contact with the subject, where he can appreciate it.

My Education

Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Master of Science

Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Bachelor of Science (Research)

My Experience

Self - employed

Private Tutor