Swati Experienced and creative private English and Math Tutor



Experienced and creative private English and Math tutor who is dedicated to the teaching using traditional and modern approaches.

Hello! This is my story.

I am passionate about Mathematics and English. Experienced and creative private Math tutor who is dedicated to the teaching of mathematics using traditional and modern approaches. I like solving complex problems and sail in the depth of mathematics. Since the age of 18, I started tutoring the students junior to me. Students liked my style of teaching and the clarity of thoughts. This boosted my passion for mathematics and then I decided to pursue career in this field. I enjoy solving problems with tricks and techniques but the solutions which involves basic definition gives the clear understanding of theories applied. My priority is student’s achievements and success.
My approach to tutoring is simple but handy. My thoughts over mathematics are clear-cut. I prefer solving problems thoughtfully with basic conceptual method because it leaves the never-ending impression on the mind of doer even though it might be lengthy. It’s the love for the subject and hard work to maintain the relationship that makes one good at the subject. I tend to focus on harder exam questions early on so that students are not overwhelmed with them nearer to exam time. No student is the same thus my approach can differ depending on the student’s requirement. The most important component of effective tuition is your ability to practise between lessons. I work hard to personalise content to the topic and exam board that you study on, as well as to accommodate for how you learn best; through diagrams, example questions and more! I am happy to tutor flexible hours to suit, and will always try to be on hand to help if need be! Sometimes I allow the student to work through the problems at his own pace, with my assistance when needed. I can offer guidance on university courses and applications.

My Education

Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) (2019)

Fatima Convent High School

HSC - 12TH Std (A-Levels) (2016)

Christ School

SSC - 10TH Std (GCSE) (2014)

My Experience

Private Tutor

All levels of Mathematics and English to GCSE level (3 years)